Griever concept art by Ken Barthelmey!

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Rewatched the maze runner movie today with my sister, whilst looking fabulously hipster.

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i played ultimate so hardcore today omg

(ranting under the cut because i had a lot of fun today sorryyy)

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i’m turning tired and sad into an aesthetic goodbye

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minewt fic recs


  • I Don’t Mind by shuckfaceparadise (E, 2k) The sky was the same, oddly-orange blue it always was, but that was all Newt noticed before he was grabbed from behind, hand covering his mouth and a body pressed hard against his back.
  • alcohol is not a friend by agtwrites (M, 2k) “Shit,” Newt repeated dumbly. “…That’s one word for it,” Minho responded. One Night Stand AU.
  • Still A Better Leader by granders (Not Rated, 797 words) Newt couldn’t sleep. The torrential rain outside sounded like a thousand hammers on anvils in his ears, yet they did nothing to quieten the whimpers coming from Minho, who was curled up on the floor by Thomas’ feet. He tried to deafen them out, ignore the weak sounds of pain coming from him, but if anything, the harder he tried, the louder it sounded.
  • words (are trivial) by ambitionscutusdown (E, 2k) He’s still not so good with words. He understands body language, he knows what the ache in his gut means, but translating it into actual sentences is harder. Minho isn’t sure if he’ll ever learn. That’s why he’s lucky Newt is here with him. Newt understands, even without words. Newt sees.
  • untitled by shuckfaceparadise (Not Rated, 741 words) Minho woke up when he heard breathing near him, quick and panicky.
  • Experiment A.1 by Whoabo (T, 3k) -Subjects will reach different levels of intoxication ranging from a BAC of 0.010 to a BAC of 0.40, depending on the subject. Labeled bottles will be sent via the box and consumed at 19:00. Results pending.
  • Take Care Of You by writingscisaac (M, 2k) When Minho thinks of a way to intervene and distract Newt from being sad, he gets more than he bargained for.
  • In Dreams, There’s a Way to Die by atomeek (T, 1k) Minho finds Newt during his recovery.
  • in the spaces inbetween (you help me breathe) by technicoloredmonochrome (E, 2k) Minho will never tell Newt this, but the first time he opens his eyes, it’s Newt’s face he sees.
  • untitled by queergladers (Not Rated) Newt has never been really happy about sharing dorm rooms, but it’s cheaper and (apparently) a better way to make friends, so it wasn’t like he had another option. It would’ve been nice to room with someone he was already friends with, but the system chooses names randomly, so here he is. Stuck with world’s hottest and most annoying roommate ever.
  • untitled by minhogally (Not Rated) Newt wakes up because he can’t breathe. His chest hurts as he tries to fill his lungs, but it’s like something is on top of his chest, restricting him. He fights with the blanket covering his body desperately, needing to see, he needs to— He throws the blanket off and gasps in a breath of air as he looks down at his body. His leg. It’s still there.
  • Go On by traceylane (T, 1k) Outside, the sky is getting darker and the air begins to fill with the sound of rumbling, grinding, rock against rock. The Maze is closing up for the night and Newt feels… small. So he shifts closer slowly, suddenly tired of the distance between the two of them, small as it was. Without a word Minho wraps an arm around his waist, places a hand on Newt’s stomach where it sits like a warm weight, and they lie there together, staring into space.
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The maze runner


The maze runner

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I love them both hhhh please help me to get out from this artblock


I love them both hhhh please help me to get out from this artblock

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you’re laying back on a grass field with
your hands behind your head and it’s
the shuck picture of paradise.

the breeze isn’t too cold. the grass feels
like a blanket under your back. you’re
not running anymore; you haven’t been
running for years now.

but it seems like just yesterday you
were still in the maze. makes you a little
sad, a little nostalgic. because for some
reason you’re staring at the stars on a
hill and you’re alone in paradise but
you’re thinking of when he laid next to
you, fingers brushing against yours and
lips whispering against your ear.

and you remember looking up at the sky
and seeing the stars and thinking:
maybe this isn’t so bad.

and now that he’s gone and you’re alone
and only the wind is whispering in your
ear — you realize you’re not in paradise.

but if you stare at the stars long enough
you can pretend that you are, and that
there’s a warm body laying next to you,
that lips are brushing against your cheek.
and in those moments you can see his
smile in the stars and hear his voice in
the breeze.

and you think: maybe this isn’t so bad.

but then you close your eyes.

- minho to newt:
when i look at the stars, i think of you.
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Anonymous asked: Can I have MiNewt where Minho actually sees when Thomas kills Newt and how he is dealing with his best friend's death, and that he regrets that now he has no chance of confessing his feelings for Newt? Please, I really love your fics! <3

amazerunners replied:

Minho sees ghosts.

They come when he sleeps. They’re faceless in the dark, but they grab at his shoulders and neck; they press down on his chest and squeeze his throat shut and whisper his name.

And when he gets up in the morning he remembers so vividly the feeling of being suffocated; he looks in the mirror and expects to see bruises above his collar, but of course there’s always nothing.

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Minho had known Newt is whole life. Hes pretty sure he has a picture of the two of them when they were three in a bathtub after a mud fight. The problem is somewhere between playing in the sandbox and cramming for exams together Newt got hot. Like really hot. Like Tall, blonde gorgeous smile hot.

And Okay so yeah no problem right? I mean Minho gets a new crush every second week, surely this crush will end soon. You would be wrong. Its been 6 months, 2 weeks and 3 days since he realized he has a big fat crush on his oblivious friend.  Hes been counting.

And it would be fine if Newt wasn’t so unaware all the time. Bending down to pick up a pencil he happened to drop giving Minho a nice view of his ass. Or his constant chewing on his pen as he concentrates on what the teacher is teaching.

And guess what Minho can’t concentrate on shit. His mind screaming Newt Newt Newt as he watches nothing but Newt’s lips.

Yeah he is definitely in trouble.

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Minewt is good too guys.
also i like to draw Newt with silly clothes and Minho in punk-ish clothes :D


Minewt is good too guys.

also i like to draw Newt with silly clothes and Minho in punk-ish clothes :D

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14.10.11 / 14.10.13

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